Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Meet Max

Max is Getting the Message Across

Konrad Chemical's Health and Safety mascot Max is playing a key role in promoting a safe and healthy working environment at both within our workplace and commercial partners.

2016 - Health and Safety Year

In our efforts to continually improve Health and Safety performance, Konrad Chemicals has earmarked 2014 as Health & Safety Year..

At Konrad we care about people and their health and safety. Excellence in health and safety has and always will be a key business objective for us and it is hoped that, by focussing on some key areas, we can achieve the desired goals of:

  • Raised awareness
  • No injuries or incidents

Health, safety and environment is not all about rules and regulations. It is about people, their behaviours, attitudes and taking personal responsibility for themselves and others.

A safe and healthy working environment is and always has been a key priority for Konrad. This focus on high risk areas in 2016 will ensure we move forward in our efforts to be a world class safe service provider. More importantly to ensure our people and those who work with us go home safely every day.

Our new health & safety expert Max and his friends will be on hand throughout the year to assist with our campaigns. They will help our efforts to engage with all our stakeholders in an entertaining and motivational way, while reinforcing the key message of ‘Safety First!’