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Product Range

  • Amino Acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Aroma Chemicals
  • Natural Botanical Extracts
  • Essential Oils
  • Flavour Enhancers
  • Hydrocolloids, Stabilizers & Gelling Systems
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Preservatives
  • Proteins
  • Sweeteners
  • Vitamins & Derivatives

Product Divisions

Animal Nutrition and Agriculture

The Animal Nutrition and Agriculture sectors are key to Konrads growth strategy. Our global reach and extensive product portfolio enables us to offer a wide range of raw materials to compounders, premixers, pet food manufacturers, aquafeed manufacturers, integrators, cereal growers, agrochemical manufacturers, horticulturalists and farmers' merchants for all applications throughout the UK and Europe.

Konrad can offer a whole range of products used in the agricultural industry, which range from general products such as formaldehyde, to more specific products with more demanding requirements, such as animal feed.

In agriculture, animal feed plays an important part in the food chain as the foodstuff that is used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, therefore it has implications for the composition and quality of the livestock products that people consume – such as milk, meat and eggs.

Sports Nutrition and Wellness

Health and wellness remain top trends for consumers in all product applications – from beverages, to bars, to dietary supplements. More manufacturers are launching products for body-builders, as the mainstream consumer is now more interested in overall physical fitness.

Whether it is cutting-edge new products like Instantised BCAAs and PureCircle Stevia extracts, or customised mesh-sizes to meet your required specification, you can count on Konrad to offer practical formulation advice and ensure you remain in a position of confidence and stability in an evolving marketplace.

Flavour and Fragrance

Our experience and knowledge within the flavour and fragrance industries, combined with our strong relationships with major primary producers allows us to offer our customers a superior position within their own niche markets.

We have dedicated purchasing offices in key producing regions and are able to offer a wide range of essential oils and aroma chemicals in both natural and synthetic formats. With our extensive market expertise and strong relationships with many primary producers we are able to guarantee quality, delivery and prices therefore taking the risk of buying these often difficult and volatile ingredients away from our customers.

We offer a full portfolio of sweeteners, amino acids, liquorice extracts and flavour enhancers to suit a broad range of product applications within the flavour and fragrance industries.